UTEAP Monthly Bulletin – June 2014

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How to unwind in 10 minutes or lessHave you ever tried relaxing to slow, soothing words? Here’s a script to help you try it… More… | En Español
Slowing down to smell the rosesDo you often catch yourself rushing through everyday tasks? Try this quiz to see if you might be adding to your stress by racing through life… More… | En Español
Do you live in a state of relaxation?For the 5th year in a row, Hawaii topped the list of the most relaxed states in the U.S. The next four were… More… | En Español
e-Thoughts What’s your relaxation?For some people, relaxing can mean stretching out on the couch. For others, it might be running in a race. Is one right and the other wrong? More… | En Español
The results are in: Here are “Your Top 4” In our latest contest, we asked four questions and asked you to check off your top four answers. Over 1000 people sent in their answers!We think you’ll find the results very interesting. The names of the winners ($30 gift card each!) will appear in the July newsletter. Thanks to all who participated!

Click here for the results of the survey.

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