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It is the intent of Texas Southern University to maintain a compensation program that:

  • Provides a total compensation program that considers the external market, while focusing primarily on ensuring internal equity and emphasizing the advantages of a collegial work environment
  • Rewards and retains those individuals who exceed defined performance parameters
  • Provides flexibility in job design to meet the needs of the university
  • Encourages progression and mobility to excellent performers through job enrichment and promotions from within; and
  • Encourages and rewards the acquisition of skills

All benefits eligible staff positions are covered by the University’s compensation policies and have a generic job description that includes the official TSU job title, job code, a general job summary, a list of major duties and responsibilities, and minimum job requirements (i.e., minimum education, experience and other qualifications that an individual should have to fill the position).

The official job title on the job description will be used for all personnel records and publications. New official job titles may be created only with the prior review and approval by the Human Resources Department.


Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are used to:

  • Evaluate and classify jobs to determine appropriate internal position relationships
  • Identify comparable jobs in the local or regional market to determine the market value
  • Determine appropriate career ladders for job families
  • Provide job information and minimum qualifications used in the recruitment and selection process
  • Conduct performance reviews and identify training and development needs

Significant changes in the duties of a job may require evaluation of the job. Where changes are judged significant by the supervisor and/or manager, please contact Compensation for additional information.


Salary Structure – 2020

For additional information regarding salary ranges, please contact the compensation unit of human resources.