Welcome to Texas Southern University.

We are pleased that you have joined our team and, more importantly, that you share our concern for excellence in education, increasing the services and support for our University, and being an intricate part of our commitment to community outreach.

You will soon discover this is a great place to work and that we care about our employees. We believe the challenges, responsibilities, and relationships you will develop and experience will be professionally and personally invaluable.

As a new member of the TSU community, you may be wondering how to get started at work or where to find the appropriate resources.

Here are some links to get started:

Please read your new hire material, ask questions, and network with your colleagues. We believe it takes everyone working together to create a brighter future for our students, and we hope you will gain much satisfaction and personal fulfillment in knowing that the vital contribution that you make will add to the success of our University.