HR’s Biggest Loser

Huge congratulations to our HR Biggest Loser team!!!
All starting members stuck through the program and stayed motivated and committed. Our team focused on making health and fitness a bigger priority in their lives and they all cheered and supported each other on along the way.
THANK YOU to our fearless leader HR Director Keisha David. Keisha not only championed the program and kept the team motivated, but she also lead by example and won the grand prize for having the highest percentage of weight loss.
Here’s what the team said: they loved the bonding experience and the support and accountability that came with the challenge. They also learned a lot about healthy eating, nutrition, and how to bring about a lifestyle change. They also enjoyed learning how to eat and practice better self-control.
Not only did our team love the challenge – they’ve decided to start it back up again for another 12 weeks! Congratulations to our top three winners:
1st Place: Keisha
2nd Place: Miraf
3rd Place: Carolina
We’re looking forward to seeing who wins the grand prize at the end of our 2nd Challenge!

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