Customer Service – Training

Whether you are serving internal or external customers, it is important that you are delivery great customer service at all times. With training you can learn how to anticipate customer needs and ensure that their interaction with you is a satisfying experience.

Here are 5 key essentials for solving customer concerns:

  1. Work within University policy to solve problems
  2. Take customers directly to what they need
  3. Take the time to really LISTEN
  4. Treat every customer as your own customer
  5. Help customers define their needs

Click below to access customer service training opportunities

Training Opportunities:

Important: You must review the material and complete the quiz in the same session for the time you spend training to be recorded accurately. Most courses take about 30 minutes to complete.

Connecting with Customers Training Course

Customer Service – How to Promote Excellent Service Among Your Staff Training Course

Customer Service Skills–How We Can All Improve Training Course

Handling Customer Complaints Training Course

Identifying Customers’ Needs Training Course

Making Customers Feel Special Training Course

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