2015 State Employee Charitable Campaign

Texas Southern University State Employee Charitable Campaign

Dear TSU Family:

We are excited, once again, about the opportunity to be part of a life-changing experience for thousands of people.  Through your support of a wide variety of charities through the State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC), we will contribute to improve the quality of life for people in local communities, across the country, and around the world.  Each fall, employees of state agencies throughout Texas enjoy the benefit of giving millions of dollars to many of their favorite charities through an annual workplace giving campaign.  In 2014, over 40,000 state employees participated, contributing more than $9,000,000 for charitable organizations.

With such a wide variety of charities and causes represented, it is evident that these organizations will have a much greater impact on humanity than we could ever have or imagine.  One has to only think and reflect on recent disasters that have affected our cities, families, friends, and coworkers to realize that, although we may have not been affected in the past, we certainly would like to know that funds are in place to assist us should we need it.  With that in mind, we should not have difficulty choosing a cause, since one day, persons from even our TSU family may need help.  In giving, we support each other.  Please keep in mind that many people are less fortunate through no fault of their own and are in need of support from vital health and human services.

What charities are involved?

 You have the option to designate your employee giving donation to the charity of your choice.  They range in size from small local organizations to large and well-known national and international groups.  A list of charities from which you may choose can be found by clicking here.

 How much should I give?

 Your contribution is tax deductible.  The amount that you give is a personal decision.  Keeping in mind those concerns that we have mentioned, and considering your personal budget, please decide to give what you feel is appropriate.  Remember that any gift, no matter how large or small, can make a difference in someone’s life.

 How do I give?

 After selecting the charities of your choice, please complete a pledge form, indicating how much you wish to give to each group or organization.  You may make a one-time gift by check (no cash please), or your gift may be deducted from each paycheck beginning at the first of next year.  We encourage payroll deduction as a convenient method for giving.   Employees may select nine or twelve pay periods for payroll deduction. The official campaign runs through October 30.  Deductions start in in December, and will be reflected on your January 2016 paycheck.

For more information, please contact Stacie Hawkins, at 713-313-1955, or visit Ms. Hawkins in the Office of Human Resources, Hannah Hall Room 126.

Detailed information about the campaign may be found on the SECC Website at http://www.secctexas.org/.

Pledge Form: CLICK HERE

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