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Sexual Harassment - Training

Sexual Harassment – Training

You are invited to take a 30 minute online training to gain even more beneficial insight in sexual harassment. The training will teach you:

• How to differentiate between the two main kinds of harassment

• How to understand and follow workplace policy

• How to report incidents and cooperate in investigations

• How to help promote and maintain a comfortable, productive work environment


Important: You must review the material and complete the quiz in the same session for the time you spend training to be recorded accurately. Most courses take about 30 minutes to complete.

Use the following link(s) to go to the training:

Sexual Harassment — What Employees Need to Know Training Course

Sexual Harassment–What Employees Need to Know (Spanish) Training Course

Sexual Harassment–What Supervisors Need to Know Training Course



Please remember to review the University’s MAPPs on a consistent basis to remain informed of our policies.

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