Additional Benefits for Employees Practicing Work-Life Wellness

Section 664.061of the Government Code (“Code”) indicates that a state agency may:

  • allow each employee thirty (30) minutes during normal working hours for exercise three times each week;
  • allow all employees to attend on-site wellness seminars when offered; and
  • award eight (8) hours of additional leave time each year to employees who receive a physical examination and complete an online health risk assessment (“HRA”) tool.
Wellness Breaks 

In an effort to promote a healthier lifestyle, employees are able to take wellness breaks pursuant to the Work-Life Wellness policy. These breaks must be taken at times that do not interfere or interrupt regular business. Managers may use their discretion to determine an appropriate time for employee wellness breaks.

Additional eight (8) hours of leave time

To get the additional leave time employees must complete all three (3) of the following steps:

  • Complete the Online Personal Health Assessment (link)
  • Receive a Physical Examination from a physician
  • Complete and submit a certification form to Human Resources (Attn. HR Director) (link)

For additional information regarding the wellness policy, please contact a wellness ambassador or the HR Director.